Insurance Information

To assure your billing record contains current and accurate information, we will make a copy of your health insurance card at your visit. Our doctors participate in several PPO and HMO insurance plans. We will file claims for patients in these plans. You are responsible for payment of any deductible, co-insurance, or encounter fee (co-pay) at the time of your visit.

Insurance Info

If your health insurance plan requires you to choose a physician from a panel of participating physicians, you should confirm your doctor’s continuing participation in your health insurance plans prior to each visit. If your insurance plan requires authorization prior to treatment, please obtain an authorization before your visit. If you participate in an HMO, your primary physician must authorize your visit to our clinic or you will be responsible for your bill. Some services may not be deemed medically necessary by your insurance company or the Medicare program. Charges for these services are the responsibility of the patient or the responsible party.


Heartland Billing Services handles all insurance claims and billing for Dawkins Dermatology Associates. If you have questions regarding insurance, billing, or statements, please call Heartland at (405) 521-1969. Visit them online at for the convenience of online payments. They will be happy to serve you.

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Fees are based on the fee schedule agreed upon by our doctors. The fee for an office visit does not include any auxiliary services such as injections, laboratory tests, and specimen treatments, like freezing lesions, performing biopsies or draining cysts. Charges for surgical removal are determined by the procedure performed, diagnosis, location and size. Follow-up office visits are not included in the charge for the surgery. Laboratory procedures such as blood tests are not performed by our office. The independent laboratory which performs the work will send you a separate bill for their services.


Dr. Dawkins, Dr. Crittenden, Kelly Walworth, PA-C and Jordan Hintze, PA-C are participating in the Medicare program. Your Medicare claim will be filed for each visit for all Medicare patients. Medicare will pay direct to the physician. If you have a supplemental insurance policy which pays after Medicare pays, those plans are filed either by our billing service or directly by Medicare. Please make sure we have the correct information for your supplemental insurance.